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Primary Responsibilities

  • Perform evaluation and administer treatment for speech-language disorders for special children.

  • Design and revise plans of care and goals.

  • Primary work would be conducting one-on-one speech therapy sessions.

  • To maintain and update individual and group records during sessions.

  • Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with parents and other stakeholders.

  • Establishes and maintains a safe, orderly, and child-centered environment. Keep abreast of current trends and developments in speech disorder.




Primary Responsibilities

  • Work on child’s assessments of physical, communication, interaction and cognitive skills 

  • To plan and provide appropriate treatment and activities

  • Recommend and arrange support for family members, Teachers and School authority

  • Undertaking general administrative tasks, for example, writing reports, maintaining records and case notes

  • Liaising with the co-ordinator , family members, Teaching Staff and other professionals and keeping them updated


  • Bachelor/Masters level OT

  • Member of AIOTA


Primary Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with other teachers, psychologists, therapist and speech/hearing specialists to provide an integrated plan for developing the capacities of their students.

  • Set learning goals for each student, assess their progress, and record their evaluations.

  • Update parents on the progress of their students and enlist parental support with behavior control and home activities designed to supplement their classroom lessons.

  • Supervise and train teaching assistants.

  • Help plan for the transition of their students to productive lives after the completion of their secondary education.


  • Diploma or Degree course certificate

To apply, email your resume to <>. Specify position in subject you wish to apply for.

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