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  • Whether transportation option is available?
    Yes, Van pickup and drop service is available for kids enrolled to Full Day program from selected areas. Please contact our team for further details.
  • How soon kid can go to main stream school if they start special school at your centre?
    Every kid has their own learning pace hence the duration can vary. Our special educator and therapist will be working together on goals and timelines.
  • If we are stuck due to some personal issues and unable to pick kids at closing time what options we have?
    You can let us know 30 minutes in advance about your delay and we will make nesseray arrangements to ensure your kid is safe and secure.
  • Whether lunch will be provided to kids?
    Absolutely, lunch will be prepared as per dietitian's guideline. You can also send lunch box with kids (just ensure it is healthy).
  • What is included in Day Care or its just a normal day care?
    It depends on the timeslots you are dropping your kid. Kids will be involved in group activities.
  • What is the age group of kids being taken care at the centre?
    4-14 years old
  • Is CCTV camera installed at center?
    Yes, entire premises is under CCTV surveillance. Parents are more than welcome to review as we maintain 1 month historical data.
  • Is only full day enrollment option is available?
    No, you can choose between only therapies or therapies + day care.
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