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Our Story

Our kids with autism spectrum disorder, though they were mum, in their mind spoke loudly about the lack of resources available at their disposal. Every day was a struggle, a meltdown, a tear down their cheek, lack of therapy and appropriate intervention. They pulled on and that sight was unbearable to our eyes. It pained us to see them struggling and unable to voice their opinions.

We had to awaken and rise above all the difficulties. Thus began the conception of  BlessedOnes foundation, to eradicate all the negative beliefs that the society had regarding special needs kids and to ensure the kids attained self independent skills and emotional literacy through our center

As parent of kids with special needs we all have been through a challenging journey but we are blessed to transform those challenges and experiences into opportunities. This initiative is one of a kind which is adaptive and evolving in nature. The programs/therapies/special education will be altered/on-boarded as part of our core offerings based on need of even 1 kid at our center.

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