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Dr. Prriyam Gunjal

Board Advisor


Drawing on an illustrious career dedicated to the advancement of education, particularly for students with special needs, Dr. Prriyam Gunjal stands out as a beacon of inclusive education and leadership. With a Ph.D. focusing on Autism, Dr. Gunjal has shaped educational landscapes through strategic curriculum development, enhanced safety protocols, and improved standardized test outcomes. Her tenure includes pivotal roles where her expertise in Autism and educational leadership has significantly contributed to policy development and inclusive education practices. Her tenure as Principal at The Shiishyaa School in Pune, India, showcases her dedication to fostering inclusive learning environments, highlighting her innovative approach to special needs education.

Dr. Gunjal's academic journey is equally impressive, with ongoing studies for a Master of Science in Psychology Conversion at the University of Surrey, complementing her Ph.D. in Philosophy/Education from Himalayan University. Her accolades, including the Best Principal Award and The Dedication Award, underscore her commitment to excellence in education. Dr. Gunjal's story is not just one of personal achievement but a testament to the transformative power of dedicated educational leadership.

Dr. Prriyam Gunjal
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