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Priyanshi Shishodia

Special Educator


Teachers who dedicate their lives to helping children with learning, physical and emotional disabilities discover a challenging yet rewarding career.

I am Priyanshi and i have done my specialisation in Hearing Impairment and Speech. I have chosen this field and have been working in this field for the last 7.5 years. My experience working with students who have diverse physical, emotional and mental challenges have taught me to have Patience for each child’s behavioral and learning abilities.

Being a Special Educator I try my level best to actively work toward building a rapport with students and cooperative relationships with parents. It is often necessary to serve as an advocate for special needs children with the school , parents as well as with other teachers and Caregivers. I work closely with each children praise them as and when required. To become a successful educator should be able to offer encouragement when children feel depressed or defeated, and celebrate their small achievements as major victories.

A genuine love for children, an unwavering joy for teaching and a service-oriented attitude are essential character traits for my job. I cannot imagine having any other job with so much satisfaction and happiness. I can say proudly that I am a special educator.

Priyanshi Shishodia
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