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Sakina Dhariwala

Branch Head | Psychologist | Special Educator


Compassionate Special Educator with a Passion for Nurturing Learning. I have over a decade of experience as a Special Education Aide, and I am dedicated to creating a nurturing environment for special needs children to thrive. My extensive expertise in Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and possession of an RCI licence underscore reflects my dedication to bring a personal touch to every learning journey.

My Journey: My educational journey began with a foundation in Clinical Psychology and Special Education. This unique background helps me understand the diverse needs of students and cater to them in a personalized way. Creating Impact I've had the privilege of making a meaningful impact at schools like Sunderji's Global Academia and Southern Star Army Public School. Through innovative approaches and unwavering dedication, I've witnessed incredible transformations in the lives of my students.

Enoch: A Creative Venture In addition to my work in schools, I'm the proud founder of "Enoch," a brand that crafts wooden teaching aids and toys. It's my way of combining education and creativity to make learning engaging and fun.

The Blessed Ones Family: Currently, I'm the Center Head at The Blessed Ones - Lohegaon Branch. I'm passionate about what I do, and I feel blessed to be connected with The Blessed Ones and share my experiences and insights on creating a more inclusive and nurturing educational environment. Let's learn, grow, and make education a better place for all, together.

Sakina Dhariwala
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