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About Us

We are a team of doctors, therapists, special educators and many more but most importantly we are proud parents of kids with special needs. We share common goals that can be described as
"To bring happiness in the life of kids with special needs" and
"To build a future where they can be independent while feeling Safe, Secured and Included "

About Us

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Our Approach

The blessed ones is an initiative backed by NGO BlessedOnes Foundation. Foundation will be working to build an inclusive society where kids with special needs are very well accepted - be it in schools, malls, parks or public transports. It will require awareness & acceptance from  everyone whereas intervention and therapies are required for special kids to communicate and understand the world.

To cater needs of individual kids, experts at The Blessed Ones will work on programs that will help kids and their parents to infuse special education, therapies and interventions into real world situations. The approach will help kids to adapt and ensure their better visibility in the society which is key to trigger inclusiveness. With complete transparency in mind we will ensure these programs are as affordable as it can be so that it won't cost you more than what you usually spend on bringing up a regular needs kid as per your financial status which also means if few parents can't afford due to financial challenges we will cover it. We don't want any kids to be left out, the team will reach out to kids if they can't reach out to us. 

We are working hard to bring internationally proven concepts / therapies / approaches to the city. All collaboration will be notified to parents so that they have 1st hand learning experience directly from highly certified and experienced professionals.  

Parents are always welcome to visit, stay and learn at our center because we know the inclusion starts at home and it will help the children's progress if their parents reinforce what their children practices in the center.

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Occupational Therapy

Our objective is to provide therapeutic activities including self care...

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Helping children develop positive behaviours in real settings and distinguishing...

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Communication is vital, not just speech development. Through therapy, functional...

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Art, Yoga and Swimming

Physical activities and Therapy helps the special needs kids develop body awareness...

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Dr. Yogini Chidgopkar

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Dr. Vaishali Girme


Dr. Pradnya Khare

ABC Cubes

Our Team


Dr Sapna Somkuwar

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Abhishek Mohan

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Reshma Shinde

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Dr. Abhirupa Dutta Chakraborty

Opening Hours

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Shahu Nagar : Monday – Friday : 10am - 4pm, Saturday : 10am - 1pm

Wakad : Monday - Friday : 9am - 5pm, Saturday : 9am - 1pm

Patna : Monday - Friday : 9:30am - 1pm

Contact Us

Pune : +91 7385091257

Patna : +91 77619 84434
Whatsapp: +91 9867486668


Visit Us

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The Blessed Ones
Plot no RL 181, 
G block, Shahu Nagar
MIDC Chinchwad, Pune 411019.
(Near Lohade Hospital)

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