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Gayatri Sapre

Remedial Teacher


A dedicated remedial teacher who currently works with specially-abled children. Her primary objective is to adapt general education lesson plans to cater to each student's unique needs and abilities. These requirements encompass a wide range of challenges, including emotional, physical, and cognitive disabilities, as well as teaching basic literacy and life skills.

Her passion for this field arises from her belief that, with proper support and guidance, students can bring about positive changes in their academic and social lives. She recognizes the critical importance of early intervention in the education of differently-abled children and aspires to make a meaningful impact through attention and care. Her ultimate aim is to serve those who can benefit from her skills and provide them with the necessary resources to enhance their abilities.

She seeks to be an inspirational example for her students, their parents, and children everywhere, demonstrating that with hard work, motivation, dedication, focus, and an unwavering commitment to breaking boundaries, one can achieve any goal.

Gayatri has garnered experience by working with various institutions in Barcelona, Spain, and Brussels, Belgium. Her personal connection as a twin sibling to an autistic brother drives her to advocate for global acceptance and support for children with special needs, raising awareness for their unique challenges.

Gayatri Sapre
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