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Prerna Punj

Psychologist and Behaviour Therapist


I am a psychologist and Behaviour Therapist working with child and adolescents. I have done my Masters in psychology specialized in clinical and counseling practices and have several certifications from IITs. I previously worked with Creative Mind and Mom's Belief where I worked on cases of ASD, ADHD, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome , Learning Disability, Aspergers syndrome etc. I am trained in Behaviour Therapy as well as psychological assessments. The role that particularly stands out for me is Behaviour Therapist where I tackle and help children with emotional difficulties and other challenging behaviours. My clinical work including assessment, observation and treatment incorporates a psychoanalytic approach to thinking about the patients and their problems which is in sync with their social, cultural identities. My work is directed to empower individuals to reach their full potential which goes well with the prime motive of The Blessed ones.

Prerna Punj
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